More About Me

Growing up in the Midwest, I remember visiting San Antonio and the Alamo at a young age. San Antonio has become an integral part of my life ever since. I joined the Army in 1997 and completed medic training at Fort Sam Houston. My time in the Army provided experience as a medic in the infantry, a tech in the hospital, and a special operations medic with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

Outside of the military I continued working in the health care field as a manager for a private clinic and as a project manager in a corporate role.

My family and I have continued close affiliation and community within the Army medical community and consider San Antonio our home.

I have experienced a transitory lifestyle as a service member and as a military spouse, while supporting my wife’s career and raising children. The regular moves have made me familiar with buying, renting, and selling homes, and now I have the opportunity to help you as a REALTOR. It is my desire to provide you with the best service as you rent or purchase a home, or as you sell your house and move to your next home. Together we can make your transition work for you.